Swurfer Surfboard Swing | Tree Swing Inspired By Surfboard

This swing lets you soar through the air. Meet the surfer surfboard swing. It’s best hung from a tree. You can sit or stand on it. The curves shape helps you swing better. It holds up to 200 lb. Made with the combination of board sports and tree swing. Just hang it in your back or front yard tree and start surfing the air. Swurfer swing comes with the 60 feet long lope, So you can easily hang it from a 15 feet height tree.

The installation process of the Swurfer is very easy and simple. All you have to do is simply loop the rope on the strongest branch of the tree. You can do it without using the ladder. The best hanging height is from 10 to 15 feet. But you can hang on 8 feet for minimum height. It comes with the 60 feet long rope for normal height tree. If your tree is more then 15 feet, then you can get the 120 feet rope. That will reach up to 30 feet height tree.

Surfboard Swing:

Swurfer is designed to swing in any direction. So you can move front to back and side to side. The smooth movements and stability allow kids to enjoy the swing without fear. You can use the handles to stand on it. The board can hold the maximum weight up to 250 pounds and the rope has a tensile strength of 10,500 pounds. Unlike the ordinary flat wood piece, Swurfer has a unique curved shape. That will gives you more power and movement on outdoors. 

The finely shaped board will give you a better grip on both the sitting and standing positions. You can use the SwurfGrip traction pads for maximum grip. The dimension of the board is 10 inches wide and 30 inches long. It’s a great workout for your leg and arm muscles. Enjoy your backyard.  Check it out!

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