Hands Free Temple Massage Robot That Calms Your Mind | LEROU

Have you ever burnt out from stress after a hard working day? Meet the LEROU, it’s a temple massage robot designed to enhance your mental health on the go. This robot will mount on your head and automatically massages your temple, behind your ears and neck. It’s finger-simulated mechanism makes you feel as if a masseur is massaging your temples. However, the LEROU robot makes you completely relaxed and comfortable without taking a break while work. So no-more having poor sleep quality which leads to an inefficient work the next day.

Hands Free Temple Massage Robot

Above all, this robot is completely autonomous and doesn’t need any human hands to hold. All you have to do is, simply fix the robot on your head and let it do the job. Unlike other head massagers which uses vibrations, micro-current and air bags, the LEROU robot will simulate human hand massage movements. The finger-like tip on the massager made of the FDA approved material. So it’s very soft to your skin. Moreover, the robot will automatically adjust itself if the massage is too soft or too hard. 

It’s ergonomic and adjustable design perfectly fit almost any size of the head. Likewise, it weights only 350 grams. So you won’t even feel there is a robot on your head. Once you done, you can simply fold and fit into your bag for an easy transportation. In addition, you can use the robot anytime and anywhere you need the most. It’s 450mAh battery provides up to 3 hours of running time with single charge.

They use the PC+ABS material for the shell to make the LEROU light in weight. And, also features a PU skin cushion, a type-c charging port, LED display and an adjustable massage head.It comes in two different colors to choose from like white and red. Finally, this gadget can help reduce your stress without taking break on a busy working day.  Check the LEROU massager on Kickstarter.com!

Watch the LEROU Massager in action

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Nevile Lofthouse April 9, 2020 - 9:42 pm
I like the product but where can one be purchased? Its all good showing but no information in how to get one
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