Terraplanter’s Indoor Planter Pot Grows Plant Without Soil

No-more planting seeds in a centuries-old planter pot which needs more maintenance and make a mess with soil and dirt. The Terraplanter is a hydroponic vessel that grows a plant on its outer surface. However, the idea is to create a revolutionary home planter that has low-maintenance, hydroponic, and completely reusable.

The vessel uses the proprietary ceramic material. As a result, the texture and the cells on the outer surface offer maximum grip for the roots. Moreover, water held in the vessel slowly diffused through the porous material to keep the plant hydrated.

Grow Plant Without Soil

Terraplanter has a transparent timeline. That is to say, you can see the growing process of the plant from seed sprouting to the flowers blooming. Further, it provides 4 different ways to grow a plant such as rub spores on the surface, warps a climbing plant around, uses a rubber band to mount a plant, and cover the cells with seeds.

The Terraplanter just looks like a water container from inside. However, the eco-friendly material has the correct amount of porosity and hygroscopic tendencies characteristics. That means the planter can grow the plant without soil or dirt and doesn’t require watering every day.

Have you ever seen moss growing on a rock or a wet wall with full-grown greens? The Terraplanter provides the same experience and lets you track the complete growing process. The project was launched on Kickstarter and raised more than $4 million USD. So, are you interested in growing your herb garden without soil? Then you can get the terraplanter for the pledge of $59 on Kickstarter!

Watch the Terraplanter in action

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