The Baby Shield Is An Ultimate Prank Gift Box For This Christmas

Don’t worry guys, the baby shield isn’t a real product. It’s a fulfilled and most weird empty prank gift box with fake products and brands printed on the outside. This extremely hilarious gift box makes unwrapping Christmas gifts more enjoyable then ever before. This kind of uniquely designed prank gift boxes are called ‘Prank Packs’ created by ‘Prank-O’. Not only the baby shield, they have also designed tons of weirdest prank gift boxes. It’s perfect for the person who wants to make every family members happy in a special occasion.

The Baby Shield a Funny Prank Gift Box

The baby shield prank gift box measures 11.25”x 9”x 3.25”. And it was particularly designed to prank new parents on this Christmas. All you have to do is, simply put the real present in to the box such as books, socks, sweater or it can be anything they love. Then cover the box with gift-warps. The funny gift box will add delight and surprise to virtually any gift that you have placed inside. And gather your family members near the Christmas tree and ask the victim to unwrap the gift.

To make an extreme initial reaction on their face, the company add some fake product descriptions on the box. Such as ‘the baby shield protects you from unexpected squires and spurts that sloppy infants emit’ and “helps you to changing diapers without getting mess’. So that graphics and wordings on the box makes the victim think that you’ve gone insane.

Okay, it’s time to unravel the prank. Once the victim try to opens the box they will see two bright yellow tabs that read, “Prank You!” & “ Don’t get too excited. And they will find your real gift inside. Finally, this gift box will add some weirdness and surprise to an ordinary gift-warping on this Christmas. Check the The Baby Shield on!

Watch the babyshield funny present box in action

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