The Ghost Pacer, A Competitive AR Running Partner To Reach Your Workout Goal!

We know that healthy competition leads to progress. When we run or doing a workout with a partner, the compaction forces us to do the workout in full potential. The Ghost Pacer is an augmented reality headset that projects a real-time holographic running partner to race against you. That is to say, this pair of mixed-reality glasses project an avatar in front of you.

Moreover, you can set a particular running pace for the virtual training partner. Or simply sync your previous running pace to the partner. So you can beat your own personal best in a competitive way. Meanwhile, the headset weighs only 3.17 oz which is light enough to wear while running. Not only a holographic projection, but the virtual partner also motivates you to keep the pace and you can also overtake it by your performance.

Your Real-Time Virtual Workout Trainer!

Like other fitness trackers, the Ghost pacer helps you to track and analyze your daily performance. Through the dedicated Ghost Pacer app, you can choose the track of your avatar and sync your data to Strava. Further, you can also race with your friends even they are not with you. All you have to do is, simply sync and assign their workout data to the virtual runner.

The avatar matches their route and pace from their previous run to give you a competitive advantage. The Ghost Pacer also has its pro version which will connect to your smartwatch to track some additional information like a heartbeat. Above all, this device features an 800mAh battery and a 280×720 display.

You can recharge the battery via a USB-C cable. However, these glasses will work almost 6 hours with a single charge. Currently, the Ghost Pacer is a thing of Kickstarter and raised almost US$86,000+ which is way more than their target(US$ 25,000). An early bird pledge of $199 will get you one on!

Watch The Ghost Pacer in Action!

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