The Ultimate Grill | 23.8 Square Feet Of Cooking Space

Now you can take your outdoor cooking versatility to a whole new level with this ultimate grill. This ‘Louisiana Grills’ champion wood pellet grill and smoker provides 23.8 square feet of cooking space. It comes with three different cabinets. It has a warming oven on the top, two large storage chambers at the bottom and a smoke box grill area at the middle. This giant BBQ grill provides masterful control of airflow throughout all chambers. So no-more worrying about overcooking or burning.

The Ultimate Grill:

It comes with a digital control system on the front of the hopper. That allows you to control start-up and cool-down process, a programmable meat probe, flame broiler and a fan-forced convection cooking. It allows you to load up to 27 lbs of BBQ pellets on this massive grill. This monster grill have a  temperature range of 60°F-600°F for all your smoking and grilling needs. So you will become the BBQ champion of your own backyard. The ultimate grill measures 6.23 feet in height, 5.9 feet in width, and 2.5 feet depth. And also this uncommon grill weights 402 lbs.

This extreme BBQ grill comes with the four 6 inch caster wheels.  So you can move around the grill wherever you want on your backyard. And it also features a bottle opener at the side to enjoy an endless BBQ party with your favorite drink. You will have a massive amount of grilling space to cook or smoke ribs, roasts, giant meats for your entire family. Finally, the hot and cold smoke cabinets gives an ultimate grilling experience for your outdoor cooking. Check the Louisiana Grills Champion Pellet Grill on!

Watch the Ultimate Grill in action down below:

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