This Eco-friendly Water Bottle Hides a Reusable Coffee Cup! | Hitch

Everyone who loves nature tries to replace single-use coffee cups. But carrying a reusable cup everywhere is practically impossible. Therefore, California based startup creates the ‘Hitch’ water bottle to make carrying around reusable coffee cups possible. It’s a full-size water bottle with a removable barista-approved cup hidden inside.

However, the 18oz bottle and 12oz cup feature a double-wall, vacuum insulation, stainless steel, leak-proof, and BPA free material. If you want to use both the cup and the bottle at the same time, then simply lock the cup on top of the bottle. Also, you can securely close the cup with the lid while traveling.

Water Bottle With a Hidden Reusable Coffee Cup

Unlike single-use paper cups and plastic water bottles, the Hitch is easy to carry, helps you to go zero waste, and lighten your luggage. This ergonomic water bottle & reusable coffee cup combo comes in four different colors to choose from such as natural white, pale blush, charcoal gray, and forest green.

Hitch measures only 9.5″ in height. It’s an ideal size to fit almost any tote bag, messenger bag, or a backpack. Moreover, this vacuum insulated cup is the perfect size for most coffee shop drinks. Further, it’s easy-to-use leak-proof slider lid allows you to easily cover or reveal the drink hole.

You can completely remove the inner bottle for easy cleaning. In addition, both cups and bottles made from the 18/8 stainless steel with bamboo fiber base. The Hitch water bottle & reusable coffee cup combo starts at $49 on!

watch the Hitch cup in action

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