This Mattress And Bed Sheet Helps Evacuate Patients In An Emergency! | Evacuation Aid

Every minute we procrastinate in an emergency situation can kill someone. The S-CAPEPOD is a simple-to-deploy evacuation aid that used to evacuate and rescue bedridden patients, the elderly, and people with limited mobility in an emergency situation.

However, this evacuation sheet was invented by a Netherlands based company called “Tetcon” (technical textile concepts). They are known for their transfer aids, anti-tear materials, and tailor-made textile concepts. The idea here is, evacuate the person out of the building without wasting the time and searching for help. Moreover, the S-CAPEPOD needs only two-person to safely remove an immobile individual from a building.

Emergency Evacuation Aid For Bedridden Patients

It is available in two different models such as evacuation sheets(S-CAPEPOD) and evacuation mattresses (S-CAPEPLUS). The S-CAPEPOD evacuation sheet will be placed under the bed permanently. So the device is always ready for the rescue. However, it can hold up to 300 KG / 660 lbs of weight. So it is ideal for evacuating the Bariatric size patient easily.

It features safety straps and extra-abdominal belts to keep the patient in place while performing the evacuation via the staircase. Moreover, the material of the sheet is completely bacteria and fire-resistant. Above all, the pulling straps can withstand up to 5000 kgs of weight.

Likewise, the evacuation mattress (S-CAPEPLUS) was particularly designed for people with limited mobility, seniors, an injured person, and wheelchair users. However, it must be a valuable addition for many organizations like hospitals, companies, elderly homes, schools, universities, and care centers. Finally, I hope that this evacuation aid will save someone’s life when time is crucial. You can get more details about this device by contacting ‘Tetcon’ here.

Source: TETCON

Watch the Evacuation Sheet In Action

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