Most Compact Three-Legged Camping Chair That is Smaller Than a 1.25-Liter Bottle

Camping is all about relaxation, peace of mind, and adventure. None wants to waste their time on a work that has a lack of enthusiasm. However, there are lots of companies and startups are involving themselves to invent products that make your camping trip hassle-free.

Campster is a highly stable, lightweight, and foldable camping chair. It was invented by Denmark, Copenhagen based company called ‘Sitpack’. They are known for their unique and practical design of their previous product ‘Sitpack 2.0’ use anywhere chair.

A Three-Legged Camping Chair

Moreover, the one-piece telescopic design of the Campster allows you to set-up or fold down the chair easily. That is to say, you can unfold the chair within 10 seconds with the help of gravity. Further, this chair equipped with a ripstop nylon seat and weighs only 2 lbs. Surprisingly, it can hold up to 300 lbs of weight.

Not only as a camping chair, but it also can be used on the beach, hiking, tailgating, sports event, or even backyard BBQ. The Campster also features an anodized aluminum body, anti-slip feet, pocket on both sides, and a breathable mesh for proper airflow. However, it provides a seating height of 43cm which is rare in super portable chairs.

Above all, this chair comes in two different colors such as black and grey. Once unfolded, it measures 20 inches in width and 32.5 inches in height. But in the folded position, the chair measures neatly to the size of a 1.25-liter water bottle. Finally, the whole package of this three-legged camping chair comes with a carry bag, anti-slip feet, aluminum carabiner, and a carry strap. Currently, this project is raising funds on Indiegogo. However, a pledge of $79 will get you this chair on!

Watch the Campster chair in action

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