Three Wheel Tilting Electric Trike That Inspired By a Jet Ski


There are plenty of E-scooters and E-bikes out there, but none are quite as cool and unique as the Uready. It is a three-wheel tilting electric trike that designed to give the feeling of riding a jet ski on the road. However, this funfilled E-trike was designed by a German product developer and fitness trainer Oguzhan Albayrak. He is always passionate about fitness and product design. As a result, he comes up with an idea of the Uready E-Trike.

Currently, the finalized working prototype of the vehicle is launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Moreover, they have planned to start the production of 45 E-trike units at the beginning and the expected delivery date is September 2021. In the meantime, they have a plan to make the trike foldable. So it is even more versatile and compact for travelers.

Also, they are adding front and rear lights, a display screen, and a mudguard to make the E-trike a complete urban transport. Above all, it can accelerate up to 20 km/h with the help of a front-wheel mount motor. It has tilting technology to give a more enjoyable riding experience. Simply lean on curves to turn the vehicle. However, the most interesting part here is the footboard.

Because they allow the rider to stand straight to get the feeling of riding a jet ski. Further, it features a 36V, 14.0 Ah Li-Ion battery mount into the frame which provides a range of 35km. In addition, the frame has extra space for a secondary battery. So you can simply double the range by adding another battery to the vehicle.

Apart from that, this three-wheel tilting electric trike has disc and parking brakes to ensure the safety of the vehicle when you left behind. Also, there is a space to mount a child seat for those who love going with their little ones. Finally, an early bird pledge of US$4,723 will get you one E-trike with a battery.

Source: Kickstarter

Watch this Three Wheel Tilting Electric Trike in action

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