Tool For Touching Shared Surfaces On Epidemic Situation | Hygiene Hand


Nowadays everyone has a little hesitant to touch any object. Because germs and viruses continuously mutate themselves to survive any situations and more dangerous than ever before. As a result, there is a chance of spreading germs while performing some of your everyday tasks like open doors, elevator buttons, ATMs, public transport and use other shared surfaces.

Washing your hands quite often and avoid touching your face may prevent you from getting sick. Unfortunately, you can’t able to wash your hands every time. However, the Hygiene Hand will prevent you from touch anything on the go. It was invented by the NewYork based company called ‘StatGear’. They are also specialized in manufacturing survival and rescue gear.

Use Hygiene Hand as Your Finger

The Hygiene Hand made from the solid brass material which is completely recyclable and inherently antimicrobial. Moreover, this tool particularly designed for open doors, sign for the purchase, move a chair, press elevator buttons, flush a toilet, carry grocery bags and more.

On the other hand, it is an EDC device which means you can carry this tool wherever you go every day. Design of the Hygiene Hand features a flat stylus tip, finger hole, door hook, and a keyring loop. It measures 3 inches in length, 1.25 inches in width and 0.25 inches in thickness.

And, this tool weighs only 2 oz. So you can easily keep it in your wallet or attach it with a retractable carabiner that clips into your belt loop or bag. The Hygiene Hand starts at $21 on!

Watch this antimicrobial brass door opening tool in action

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