Tornador | Easy Car Cleaning Tool For Interior & Exterior

This pressurized car cleaning tool helps you to easily clean your car and your house. This unique car cleaner was created by the company called TORNADOR. It must be the easiest and  fastest way to clean all automotive surfaces. This tool need to attach with your air compressor to blast cleaning solution into hard-to-reach areas. Tornador car cleaning gun tool can clean plastics, carpet, and the inside surface of your car.

The combination of oscillating tip and cone-shaped nozzle creates a tornado style action. That cleans dirt and grime from fabrics, carpet, and solid surfaces. After cleaning, simply wipe the surface with the micro fiber cloth for an ideal finish. Then you have to adjust the dial to turn off the water and engage the compressed air to dry the cleaned surface. You can also use the cleaning tool on the dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, between seats, fabric upholstery, and floor mats.

There is no more scrubbing and scratching the hard grime. Because the Tornado car cleaning tool does the hard work for you. This tool works perfectly with an air compressor with 5 CFM, or 85 psi. All you have to do is, simply turn the liquid valve and wipe on the dirty surface. Then absorb the excess liquid by use a microfiber towel. Finally, engage the compressed air to dry the cleaned surface. Check the Tornador cleaning tool on!

Watch the Tornador Car Cleaning Tool in action down below:

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