Portable Tire Traction Mats For Trucks And Cars | Best Off Road Traction Mats

Everyone asking the same question ‘How do you get a tire unstuck?’. Just stop worrying, This mat gets your car unstuck without a tow truck. These traction mats for trucks are the unique off-road truck accessories. It gets you out of snow, ice, and mud. The pads just need to be placed wedged in front of the dry part of the rites and drive over. The pads have specially designed cleats to grip the tires. And angled cleats on the bottom to grip the ground.

We have all been there stuck in the snow, gravel, or the mud with no help. And waiting forever on a tow truck. But now you can have a tow truck with you at all times by using the ‘Portable Tow Truck’. It’s the easiest and most effective way to get out of any sticky situation. All you have to do is, simply wedge the mat in front of the driver’s tires. Then slowly accelerate to engage the traction pads and get back on track.

The portable tow truck has specially designed cleats that grip your tire. And angle cleats on a bottom that easily bite into snow, ice, mud, gravel virtually any terrain where problems occur. This traction mats for trucks are made of heavy-duty polypropylene and will be ready whenever needed. Using chains is a hassle, sand, or cat litter is a mess. And also the tow trucks can be expensive and take hours to reach you.

Finally, the portable tow truck fits easily in your car or behind the seats and it is ready in all time. Don’t let the mud spoils your trip use the portable tire traction mat and have peace of mind wherever you go. So grip it and rip it!  Check it out!

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