Tuckaway Towel | Smart Way to Hang & Hide Kitchen Hand Towel Out of Sight

Are you a very organized person and want to keep your kitchen clean and tidy each and every day? Hand towels are something that is inevitable in the kitchen. However, if the exposed Towels are dirty or wrinkled, they will detract from the appearance of your kitchen. The Tuckaway Towel is a hidden towel organizer that hangs and hides your tea or hand towel.

It will be the perfect idea to hang your towel without making a mess in the kitchen. It was created by the Denver, Colorado-based home builder Kevin Cochran. He always searching for a perfect spot to hang the hand towel in the kitchen while hiding it away from human eyes.

As a result, with the help of a mechanical engineer, he designed a low-profile device that holds a hand towel. You can pull the towel to dry your hands and it can be retracted when not in use. Moreover, the Tuckaway Towel can be installed underneath the cabinet and right next to the sink where it is most needed.

Above all, hand towels are used for everyday tasks like drying hands, wiping dishes, and other kitchen tasks. Most of us hang it on the handle of the range and the sink faucet. Also, some very organized people try to install a towel bar under the sink or inside a cabinet to hide them.

But hanging it inside the cabinet isn’t convenient and looks impractical in some kitchen types. Just imagine, open a cabinet with your hands dripping water on the floor every time you need a towel. Seems time-consuming and impractical. Further, the unique design of the device allows anyone to easily replace the old towel on the tray.

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the hitten hand towel organizer in action

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