The Water Mat | Walk On Water Using This Floating Water Mat

This water mat lets you walk on water. It’s called ‘The Watermat’. Made from layers of industrial-strength foam which helps it stay afloat. The assembling process is very easy, Just unwrap and unroll. You can sit or stand to surf. This mat can be towed up to speeds of 20 mph. The watermat introduces the new way to have fun on the water. It’s perfect for the family that wants durable, safe, hassle-free fun on the water.

Floating Water Mats

The water mat available in 16 different types including the watermat ‘EX plus’. It’s the tougher bigger brother. Others are the ‘watermat shark’, The lightweight mobile ‘Roll-and-go’, and the ‘doggie mat Plus’ for your furry friend. The water mat EX plus is 22 feet long with grommets at both ends for anchoring. It’s big enough for the whole family. Now you can get ready for the summer in a fraction of seconds.

The water mat shark is more durable. And the design of the mat is made for camps, resorts, parks, and families that play hard. The shark mat can take anything you can throw at it. It’s 22 feet long just like the previous one. You can upgrade to the 26 feet version for maximum fun. The roll-and-go is all about mobility. It less the half the weight of the other water mats. Roll-and-go can go anywhere and do anything. The mat is big enough for maximum fun and small enough that you will never leave it behind.

The doggie mat plus is for your furry family member. It can easily get back on the dock or boat from the water without any help. It comes with the patented design that protects the foam from damages. They are lightweight, durable and no sharp edges.  Check it out!

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