Wink: A small car-like electric vehicle that runs on solar power

Nowadays electric vehicles are comes in different shapes for different purposes. The Wink is a US-based firm that invents a small car-like electric vehicle that uses solar power. However, these solar-charging EV cars are ideal for navigating city traffic, crowded areas with minimal parking space, and where 35 mph is the maximum speed allowed.

Also, these all-electric cars will be an alternative to our bicycles, scooter, or motorcycle when the weather gets worse. Moreover, the Wink motors introduced four different models of that Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs or LSVs). That includes Sprout, Sprout solar, Mark1, and Mark 2 solar.

Of these, Sprout solar and Mark 2 solar uses solar plans to recharge the battery on the go. Otherwise, all of their models can be easily chargeable through a standard 110v outlet. If you think that it’s a modified golf cart, then it’s completely wrong. That is to say, the Wink electric vehicle is designed to give the comfort of an ordinary car that we use every day.

Wink Motors

So it offers almost every feature that you have on your existing car. Likewise, it features air conditioning, electric power windows, a remote-controlled door lock, a waterproof cabin, 4 passenger seating, a rearview camera, rear radar distance sensors, and more.

Wink Motors

Specifically, their latest version MARK 2 SOLAR has 4 doors with a rear hatchback. Apart from that, all of their models are equipped with a 60 Volt 80 AH LFP Battery and a motor with 3 kW continuous power. As a result, the Wink EVs offer 60 miles (96 km) of driving range with a top speed of 25 mph (50 km/h).

Wink Motors

According to their website, the price of their new model EV Mark 2 Solar starts from US$11,995. If you are interested, you can check more details and prices of the other variants on their website.

Wink Motors
Wink Motors

Source: Wink Motors

Watch the Wink car-like electric vehicle in this video

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