ZiiLock | A Folding Biometric Bike Lock For Advanced Keyless Entry

Are you a bike lover, and searching for a perfect gear to prevent your bike from being stolen. Then the ‘ZiiLock’ will be the perfect upgrade for your traditional bike lock. It’s a folding biometric bike lock that provides an advanced keyless entry no-matter where you are. ZiiLock comes with multiple different smart features like theft alert, waterproofing, built-in motion detector, GPS-based position tagging and Lock access sharing. Moreover, it has three secure unlocking methods such as fingerprint, Bluetooth, and a mechanical spare key.

Folding Biometric Bike Lock

ZiiLock comes with a 508 DPI touch panel, which allows a quicker and safer keyless entry. The fingerprint sensors only take 0.5 seconds to unlock. You can also pair your smartphone with the bike guard to unlock with a single tap. If you want to share the access with your family and friends, then simply use the ZiiLock APP to make it possible. So you can store up to 20 different fingerprints on it’s internal memory. In addition to, you can send the temporary access code to your friend through the ZiiLock APP.

Every Bluetooth connections are encrypted with the AES 256 military grade security. ZiiLock made of the heat-treated steel materials, which strong enough to withstand any hydraulic cutter and drillers. Having your bike stolen is the worst nightmare ever. So they have designed the folding lock with a sensitive motion sensor, which can send an immediate S.O.S. notification to your smartphone when someone try to steal it.

Surprisingly it’s GPS positioning system marks your location on the map each time you park your bike. When in folded position, it’s very compact and easily fit in your back pocket. Surprisingly, it’s 98cm unfolding length can able to lock more than 3 regular bikes at once. It’s lithium battery provide long-lasting access for more then 3 months. Also, they have provide the mechanical key to unlock when the battery runs out. Check the ZiiLock smart bike guard on Indiegogo.com!

Watch the Fingerprint Bike Guard in action

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