Best Automatic Dog Door | Smart Sliding Pet Door Kit

Now you can turn any ordinary sliding door into an automatic dog door with the ‘Autoslide’ smart tag pet door kit. Unlike traditional pet doors, this electronic pet door will provide complete security for your home. All you have to do is, simply install the door kit on your existing sliding door. And attach the tag to your dog’s collar. So when your dog approach the door, it automatically opens your sliding door for your dog or cat. Autoslide uses sensors that detect your dog at the door.

Automatic Dog Door | Smart Sliding Pet Door Kit:

This unique automatic pet door system perfectly works with almost every type of sliding door  out there. This must be a great way for you and your pet to be more independent at home. The Autoslide allows you to easily set door to open and close for your pet whenever they wants to go out or come in. You can also set it to open to the distance of your pet from the door. So it will only open when your dog getting too close with the door. And with the smart pet tag it will only open for your own dog and on other animal. 

This smart sliding pet door kit comes with the motion detecting sensor, two collar tags and the drive system to easily open the sliding door. It uses the  RFID technology to smoothly open the door for your dog. The automatic dog door is perfect for the dogs who always love enjoy the outdoors. And it will help the pet owners by eliminating the countless trips to the door for their adorable pet. Finally, this device will provide your pet the freedom of the outdoors without bothering you.  Check the autoslide door opening kit here! 

Watch the Smart Sliding Pet Door Kit in action down below:

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