Automatic Snow Chains For Cars | Unique Tire Chains

The comfortable of these automatic snow tires will make your driving more enjoyable in winter season. These unique pop-out tire chains are called Gecko Chains. In the winter, simply attach the adapter to your tire. Then fix the automatic tire chain system to the adapter. The wireless remote controlled system allows you to enable the tire chains without stopping your car. It’s made from the plastic, metal and have some electronic components and batteries for wireless connection.

automatic snow chains for cars

There are two types of pop-out nails are used here. The metal one for ice driving and plastic one that work in the snow. It is very easy to install and operate. All you have to do is, simply the fix the chain system into your tire’s rim before traveling. Once you have a difficult driving conditions then simply push the button on the remote control. Then the arms will pull out and hug the tires for a better grip.

Unique Tire Chains

This automatic snow chains for cars will perfectly fits on any passenger cars with 15 to 18 inches tire dimension. Unlike other traditional chains, this device allows you to fix the snow chain without getting dirty. Even you won’t need to stop your car to assemble the chain. The arms are equipped with anti-slip metal nails for driving on ice. They also have ribs that make it easier to ride in the snow. You can also pull back the arm again using the remote control when it’s not in use. Check the Automatic Tire Chains here!

Watch the Automatic Snow Chains For Cars in action down below:


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