Cool Backpacks With Wings | Angel Wing Leather Backpack

This angel wing leather backpack looks and feels like an exact feathery wings. So when you wear this cool backpacks with wings on your shoulder, it makes you look like you have a set of angel wings. This pretty and stylish backpack was made from the leather material. And they are completely made with hands. This wing bag must be the perfect gift idea for the fairy tale lover in your family. If you are a cosplay lover, then this bag will expose your spirit and passion about cosplay.

Cool Backpacks With Wings:

This creative feathery leather bag was created by the Moscow based Etsy store called ‘krukrustudio’. Not only angel wing leather backpack, they also create other awesomely designed backpacks like, violin shaped bag, guitar shaped bag, cactus bag, Rubik’s cube bag, and also a watering can shaped backpack. Those winged and other shaped bags are available in real leather and faux, and also you can choose your material based on your preferences. And there is s plenty of color options to choose from.

These bags are comes in two different sizes. Small one measures measures 11.4 inches in height, and a larger one measures 15 inches in height. Each bags have almost 200 printed leather “feathers” which is sewn together. Also the wing backpack features an  inner pocket, zipper closure and a back side pocket with zipper. This fully lined backpack allows you to use it as a carry bag or you can use it as a normal backpack. Finally, this bag gives you wings and also allows you to expose your passion about fashion. Check the angel wing leather backpack on!

Watch the Cool Backpacks With Wings in action:

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