Bean Bag Onesie: Now you can sit almost anywhere

This uniquely designed onesie comes with an in-built bean bag that allows you to sit almost anywhere you want. This junk in the trunk bean bag onesie is perfect for the person who doesn’t have a large booty to sit down anywhere. It looks like carrying a bean bag on your butt.

This bean bag onesie will eliminate the need for a chair, couch, and other sitting furniture which occupies massive space in your room. Unlike a normal couch and chair, It gives more freedom and allows you to sit in your comfortable place and position while watching tv or playing video games.

Ans it also provides more comfort than the sofa does. Do you hate waiting in line too long? Then simply wear the bean bag onesie and surprise other who stands in the line all day. This unique bean bag onesie was created and published by ‘ThinkGeek’ to celebrate April fools day.

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But you can vote for the product to become real if you really love this. The junk in the trunk bean bag onesie  comes in a Gumby green color. It’s made from Cotton, So you can always use it in the upcoming summer.

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The bean bag but attachment filled with the mixture of cotton, polyester fiber mix, and polystyrene balls. And you must wash it with your hands and let it dry in the air.

Finally, If you always getting late to your office meeting, then simply wear the bean bag onesie and stop worrying about getting the last chair. Check the Onesie with Bean Bag on!

Watch the bean bag onesie in action down below

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