BeBot is a Beach Cleaning Robot That Can Be Operated From a Distance.

In our childhood, we all used to play in the sand at the beach by building a sandcastle or burying our legs in sand. Now, beach sand is rapidly becoming polluted by the changing environment and increasing plastic waste. Even though some good souls are cleaning the beach sand, still there is some small debris is buried on the surface of the sand.

To solve the problem, 4ocean works along with Poralu Marine and invented a beach cleaning robot called ‘BeBot’. This clean ocean technology is a perfect eco-friendly way to collect tiny plastic waste from our beaches. However, this beach robot can be operated from a distance via a remote controller.

As a result, the operator can protect himself from the sun and navigate the robot from a safe distance of up to 300 meters. Moreover, the BeBot is powered by a solar panel and battery. So it is 100% electric and moves silently without emitting any toxic gas or smoke. Further, the beach cleaning robot can clean up to 3,000 sqm of the beach area within an hour. These numbers may change depending on the ups and downs of the beach’s surface.

To collect small trashes, the robot digs up to 10cm on the sand. Then uses its filtering mechanism to separate debris as small as 1 sq cm from the beach surface. As a result, it will remove the plastic waste such as bottle caps, food wraps, and plastic fragments that stay forever underneath the beach surface. After the robot passing the particular area, it leaves mesmerizing tire marks and helps to level the sand fields.

However, the BeBot will be an ideal cleaning solution for hotels, waterfront properties, and even golf courses. Furthermore, the 4ocean will be testing the Bebot in South Florida for few weeks. And they have a plan to bring this robot to Hawai’i in the future. Anyway, In my personal opinion, it would be even great if they integrated an AI technology into this robot, similar to the ‘Beetl’ dog poop pick-up robot.

Source: 4ocean

Watch the ‘BeBot’ Beach Cleaning Robot in action

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