Moving Rorschach Inkblot Mask | Best Cosplay Mask Ever

This realistic moving Rorschach inkblot masks will truly scare everyone at trick-or-treat. The patterns on the mask moves and reacts to the heat of your breath. So you can control the animated effect of the mask. This creepy mask is perfect for the costume parties, cosplay and Halloween trick or treat. Everyone will amazed when you breath-in and breath-out while wearing this Moving Rorschach Inkblot Mask. This face mask uses nontoxic materials and features 100% safe ink.

Moving Rorschach Inkblot Mask:

It is created by the USA-based company called ‘RorschachMasks’. They have sell them on their ‘Etsy’ store. The mask is suitable for most heads and it’s designed with custom stretch-fabric hood. It fits most people with common forehead size of 22″ to 24″ inches. Unlike other masks, it’s stretchable fabric allows you to adjust it for your comfortable breathing position. There is little-bit of lack in your vision while wearing the mask. But the breathability is perfect. And it doesn’t have any eye holes.

You can wash or clean the mask with your hands. This temperature sensitive mask works perfectly at any temperatures near 75 degrees or lower. The single size mask will fit for all kind of people. These hand made mask was inspired by the motion picture Watchmen with the magically changing ink smears.

And it’s comes in five diverse ink blot styles. If you are looking for a extreme and realistic spooky mask for this Halloween, then you are the perfect person to deserve this mask. Finally, these animated inkblot Rorschach masks are truly have magic init.  Check the inkblot mask on!

Watch the Inkblot Mask in action down below:

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