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This little garage is the world’s best motorcycle storage shed. This motorcycle storage box is called the BikeBOX 24. The lockable shed is designed to protect your bike from thieves and the elements. The standard size fits one motorcycle or your bicycle. This must be one of the best motorcycle garages in the world!

Moreover, This motorcycle box is made in Germany. On the other hand, the bike box is made up of multi-layer plastic material and they use the process called ‘thermo process’ to create the shed. The flooring uses special plywood. Above all, the phenolic resin makes its waterproofing ability.

The oil pressured dampers allow you to easily open and close. The installation process is very simple and easy. Even a kid can open or close the garage. The BikeBOX24 can adapt to any solid surface such as paving stones, concrete, flagstones, and more.


Moreover, the compact design of this bike storage container occupies minimum space in your garage or front yard. That is to say, it only takes the place that you park your bike at the end of the day.


This Motorcycle Garage looks great and perfectly fits in your back and front yard. The unique designed weather-proof material provides you protection from damage.

Source: Bikebox24

Watch the best Motorcycle Storage Shed in action:

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