Best Shoes For Walking Baby With Full Zipper (Soft Leather)

These zip-on shoes for babies are easier to put on. This best shoes for walking baby is called ‘Buku Babies’ shoes. It was invented by five siblings who all had babies the same year. They decided to make a baby shoe that is easy to get on and off. The shoes have a full zipper. The full zipper baby shoes come in sizes for toddlers between 0-18 months old. Putting shoes onto your baby is one of the difficult things to do when preparing for a family trip. Now there is no more struggling and crying for putting a baby shoe.

The Buku babies is the family business based at the beautiful Huntington Beach California. Three siblings who grew and just happened to all have their first kids around the same time. They come up with a really cool idea for the baby shoes. Their goal was to create a baby shoe that’s great-looking, easy to put on, and perfect for both boys and girls. They designed the whole top of the shoe to unzip and fold to the side.

Simply place the child’s foot in the shoe and put the zip up. The ergo entry design makes putting on your kid’s shoes so much less complicated than other shoes. Also, the uniquely designed rubber zipper hold made for an adult size fingertips to zip and unzip the shoes easily. These Buku Baby shoes have a clean, simple, classic look, and that suits any style. This baby walking shoe comes in three different materials.

The options are leather exterior with cozy faux fur interior, the suede exterior with cozy faux fur interior, and leather exterior with leather interior. Putting the shoe on your baby’s foot is not a big problem anymore with the Buku baby’s shoes. Enjoy your next family trip without struggling to wear baby shoes. Check it out!

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