Camping Tire Table | TailGater Tire Table Is a Tire Mounted Camping Table

This camping tire table hooks up to your vehicle’s tire. It’s known as the ‘Tailgater Tire Table’. This tire mounted camping table will perfectly fit on any kind of car, truck, or SUV’s tire. The tailgating table is collapsible, portable, compact, strong and a great addition to your tailgating gear and camping essentials. You can also able to fix the table on the rear spare tire. And it allows you to easily access the back of your vehicle.

These features make it the perfect table to take with you on camping trips, road trips, a fun day at the beach or your favorite fishing hole. You can also use it for a work space when you doing odd jobs or maintenance on your vehicle and around your house. This little tire table can holds up to 50 lbs of weight. So you can place a small grill or BBQ without any fear. Also the innovative design of the table won’t damage your tire.

These camping tire table is made from the powder coated steel. The weatherproof material works perfectly in any weather condition. Weight of the tailgate table is 13 lbs, and measures 23 inches wide, 29 inches long and 1.5 inches thick when is fully folded position. The table comes with an two small legs and a retractable leg located in the channel down the center of the table. The retractable lag can be angled towards the tire to avoid kicking or tripping on it.

The tailgater tire table can be used for camping, tailgating, RV trips, picnics, road trips and also workbench. The concept behind the invention is to use a tire as the main support for the table. Finally the unique little tire table allows you to participate in the tailgate activities without any expensive camping gears.  Check the TailGater Tire Table on!

Watch the Camping Tire Table in action down below:

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