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Dents and scrapes from other vehicles costs millions each year in repairs. And it’s also heartbreaking while you see dent in your car on parking space. But these car door dent protector gives perfect solution to protect your car from these damages. These are the door dent protection pads by Dent Goalie. You have to put them on when you park in tight space. They prevent your car from being sideswiped or hit by other people’s doors. These magnetic stripes come in regular and heavy duty thickness.

Those unwanted door-dings will lower your vehicle’s value. Did you know that public parking lots can cause one new dent every 3-4 months?. And even more dents occur when parking at busy supermarket, malls, public-events, or restaurant lots and even airports. With so many sizes and angles of parking spaces, combined with the wide verity of other vehicles door shapes. This creates an overwhelming number of exposed areas on your vehicles for unwanted dents and scratches.

Most car-modeling strips and removable pads are either just too narrow or not long enough to give the real protection you need. But you can be safe parking with Dent Goalie door-dent protection panels. This magnetic stripes gives the optimal height and length to guard against those door impacts you face. These protective panels are weather-resistance, high-density, compressed foam, with rubber-coated magnetic stripes that gently hold to metal surfaces.

They are comes with an anti-theft security cables. And also available in two different sizes. These panels work great with 2-doors, 4-doors, SUVs, and trucks. It folds in half for easy handling and storage. Avoid the hassles of dents and scratches for keep your vehicle looking brand new. Check this on

You can also read this article to know about Car Door Edge Protector Strips. This device protect other cars from your car door.

Watch the Car Door Dent Protector in action down below:

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