This car can move sideways like a crab with an e-corner technology

Hyundai Mobis

Expert driving skills will be a thing of the past due to the revolutionary automobile innovations currently being tested in actual-life conditions. Likewise, the Hyundai Mobis has applied its e-Corner technology to the Ioniq5 EV.

With that technology, our cars can park by rotating 90 degrees, drive horizontally like crabs, do 360-degree zero turns, drive diagonally, and pivot. However, the company brought this e-corner module idea as a concept back in the 2018 CES. According to their announcement, they have done it in a real-world vehicle named the Ioniq5 in 2023.

In the e-corner technology, all wheels are four wheels are highly equipped and work individually. That is to say, each and every wheel of the car will carry an electric damper, in-wheel motor, break-by-wire, and steer-by-wire technology.

Hyundai Mobis

As a result, this futuristic technology doesn’t have any mechanical connection between parts. So controlling the car is way more smooth and easy. This technology plays a major role in designing od future cars.

Hyundai Mobis

Because the designers can use lots of space and won’t need to worry about where the doors are to be placed. Instead of the classic 30-degree rotation, it offers 90-degree rotation and other crab driving options that I mentioned earlier.

Hyundai Mobis

All those features will make our urban driving experience more enjoyable, particularly in narrow streets and very tight parking spaces. Because a car with an e-corner system will move sideways like a crab. Furthermore, they have mentioned that the technology will come into action by the year 2025.

Source: Hyundai Mobis

Watch the Hyundai ioniq 5 electric car with an e-corner system move sideways in this video

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