Cardboard Telepresence Robot That Lets People On Video Calls to Move Your Phone | Smartipresence

We are just beginning to realize that 2020 is not going to be what we thought it would be. This situation has kept us away from our loved ones. But video calls and telepresence technologies are helping bring people closer together. However, Smartipresence is a DIY cardboard robot that makes our zoom classes and video calls more personal and interactive.

The idea here is, let the video callers move your phone to go forwards and backward, turn and look up or down in a less expensive way. It was invented by Ross Atkin from ‘Crafty Robot’. In short, it’s based on their previous invention ‘Smartibot’ which is a really flexible platform for building robots, app-controlled vehicles, and hacking toys.

DIY robot for interactive video calls!

Moreover, this DIY robot kit allows you to build your own Smartipresence bot from scratch. All you have to do is, simply assemble the cardboard parts. And, attach the circuit board, motors, and battery box with it. Once you have done, attach your phone to the robot. After that, use the Smartipresence service which has 10 hours of usage to connect with your family & friends.

You can send the special link to the person using the app on iOS or web app on Android. Through the link, the person can see what the robot sees and can move the phone or tilt it up and down to see wherever they want. Meanwhile, you can customize the robot and turn any battery-operated, radio-controlled toys into a telepresence bot.

Further, this innovative idea will bring our friends and family members close together in pandemic situations. Currently, the Smartipresence raising funds on Kickstarter. If you are interested, you can support them and get one cardboard telepresence robot for the pledge of £50 (US$62) on!

Watch the Cardboard Telepresence Robot in action

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