Carry Tray That Implements Physics Principle Of Centripetal Force | Tipsi Tray

Open doors, taking stairs, and push through crowds are surely a challenging task while you carrying 9 mugs of drink in a tray. It will get even worse if the person is elderly or has disabilities. The Tipsi Tray was invented by an innovative home and hospitality brand called ‘Single Handed’ who spend almost 12 months to invent this device.

Unlike traditional trays which is difficult for people with shaking or limited mobility, the Tipsi Tray uses the centripetal force to keep the cup in place. However, you can easily handle the tray with only one hand. So, no-more spilling hot drinks or broken glasses at crowded parties.

Single Hand Use Tray For Elderly

Moreover, it’s detachable handle makes the tray dishwasher friendly. And you can simply fold it down for easy storage. Further, the single-hand use tray made from the food-grade stainless steel and polypropylene material. The polypropylene material is known for its non-slip surface.

So the drink you place on the tray that remains in the same position. Most importantly, the material is easy to clean, has high-temperature resistance, and completely recyclable. It lasts a very long time and doesn’t end up in landfills. The anti-spill edge on the tray lets you carry even overflowing drinks.

This single-handed carry tray is ideal for cafes, bars, hotels, catering industry, pizza restaurants, and even home use. It provides full freedom to people who carry drinks. That is to say, the person can safely take stairs, open doors, and clearly see their feet. Are you interested in Tipsi Tran? You can get on for the pledge of $28 USD on!

Watch the carry tray in action

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