Best Chicken Harness and Leash | Take Your Pet Bird Outside

Now you proudly walking your chickens or pet birds across the road with the help of this unique chicken harness and leash. It can give a little help to your pet bird or a chicken to exercise and this will help to keep them healthy. It is similar to taking your dog for a peaceful walk. This farm bird walking harness will perfectly fits on chickens, ducks, hens, geese, and more. It’s adjustable straps allows you to change the size to provide comfort for your chicken.

Chicken Harness and Leash:

You have to use the simple clip to securely attach the harness to your chicken. It also comes with the fancy black bow tie to add some fashion touch. This chicken and duck harness comes in four different colors to choose from, including green, blue, pink and orange. These harness have two different size variants. The small one for birds weighing 2.3 to 3.8 lbs and the large one for birds up to 4.4 lbs of weight. 

The bird harness was made from the ultra-resilient fabric material. This unique material are long last and extremely breathable. So it will keep your birds comfy and relax while you walk them. Not only for a walk, it also helps you to train your pet bird to behave good at outside. Finally, here is the perfect way to make a bird that can’t fly happy. Check the Harness For Your Chicken on!

Watch the bird harness in action down below:

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