Christmas Light Phone Charger

Everyone knows that the holiday season is here. This Christmas light phone charger will perfectly fits for this holiday theme. When you try to charge your phone, this little Christmas light will starts glowing. This Christmas lights phone charging cable comes with a universal USB port. That allows you to connect with your laptop or on a wall adapter. The 45 inch long festival charging cable comes with 10 multi-colored LED lights.

You can use it with any portable charging port and laptops or even power banks. These Christmas light phone charger is comfortable with iPhones from the iPhone 5  and higher. This Christmas light must be the perfect gift for Christmas lover who always want to brighten up their holiday mood on this season. These lighting cables also supports data transmission. So you can store and move your files, movies, videos, and music.

Getting into the holiday spirit is now easy with this Christmas lights phone charging cable. Surly this charging cable will be the conversation starter with new friends. And don’t forgot to bring this to your upcoming Christmas party. Finally you can easily grab everyone’s attention on upcoming holiday season. Check the Christmas light cable on!


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