Chuck Bucket | A Simple Hitch Cargo Carrier to Store Ski Gear on SUV

Chuck Bucket

Storing camping accessories on the car roof-mounted rack is one of the coolest ways to haul outdoor gear, But it’s not the easiest way. Not everyone can easily reach the roof of their giant SUV to load and unload outdoor equipment. Meet the ‘Chuck Bucket’, a simple hitch cargo carrier box to store all our camping and ski gear.

However, it was invented by a Salt lake city, Utah-based firm ‘Chuck Rack’ founded by two friends Charles McNall and James Linton. Unlike rooftop ski racks, this storage box is mounted on the tow hitch. As a result, anyone can easily access it. Moreover, it can hold anything that occupies your seat such as skis, boards, golf bags, and more.

Isn’t it true that you have to open your trunk as soon as you arrive at your destination? Once it happens, the bucket can be tilted back up to 35 degrees for easy access to the car’s trunk. On the top of the bucket, there is an easy load gate that helps to stack and secure long gears such as skis.

Under the bucket, they include the removable high durometer rubber pad for extra protection. Also, there are drainage holes in every corner to avoid mess. On the other hand, the Chuck Bucket weighs only 37 lbs. So it is easy to install to any standard 2” hitch. Also, they have claimed that it can hold up to 100 lbs of load.

When comes to the design, the bucket measures 12” X 18.5” X 18”. It is made out of plastic-coated 14 gauge 5052 aluminum. Likewise, the rack material uses aircraft-grade 4 mm wall steel tubing. The Chuck Bucket simple hitch cargo carrier is now asking for support on Kickstarter, and an early bird pledge of US$ 249 will get you one, with a retail price of US$ 420.

Source: ChuckBucket

Watch the Simple Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier in action

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