Coffin Pool Float For This Summer | Adorable Pink Color

The hot summer heat is killing everyone right now! So here is the perfect solution to lounge in peace. Yes! this pink coffin pool float with lid will help you to enjoy this summer without any disturbance. This inflatable coffin shaped float have more room and it’s looks like a little boat. It comes in the color called millennial-pink. So instead of looking scary, it looks so cute because of it’s color and the layered design.

Pink Inflatable Coffin Pool Float:

You can use the pink pool float at almost anywhere like pool, at the lake, at the river or simply hanging out in your yard. And you can grab everyone’s attention wherever you go. This unique pool floats are created by pom pom floats .It’s a collaboration between two designers, Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton. And also the adorable pink color of the coffin pool float makes it oddly cute. Above all, it must be the perfect fit right in with your unicorn and pizza pool floats.

It’s layered design provide more comfort and pillow-soft. Moreover, this pool float will be a dream come true for every Halloween lovers or who loves most odd things in their life. Finally, you can bury yourself and lounge in peace this summer in this adorable pink  pool float. Check the pool float here!

Watch the Pool Float in action:

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