4 Cool Rings For Men | Extremely Unique Rings

Now a days rings for men has become more unique and unusual. You can have technically improved and creativity designed cool mens rings on the internet world. Even more these smart rings will replace our smartphones in future. In this article you could get some cool rings for men that are incredibly unique, trendy and awesome.

Cool Rings For Men:

So here we go with the list of cool rings for guys. If you find something unique and trendy then simply share with your father, boyfriend, husband or brother. And it also be a perfect gift for that special man in your life.

#1 Voice Powered Smart Ring:

This voice assistance ring is called ORII. It turns your finger into a smartphone. This smart ring uses bone conduction technology. That sends vibrations through your finger directly into ears. So that allows you to hear and talk just with your finger. It comes in three different colors to fits with your favorite outfits. Check the ORII smart ring here!

#2 Titanium Utility Ring:

Now you can carry a set of survival tools right on your finger with Swiss army knife style multi-tool ring. It has 5 different tools in it like a bottle opener, a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw, and a comb for your eyebrows and mustaches. This ring made from the aerospace grade titanium. Check the Titanium Multi-Tool Ring on Etsy.com!

#3 Ring Watch:

This finger mounted LED watch is called ‘Ring Clock’. The stainless steel frame gives more futuristic look to the ring. Not only visually creative, It also useful in practical life. The LED light shines through the number which is placed on the outer frame to display the current time. Check the ring clock here!

#4 Moving Gears Ring:

The moving gears ring is the wearable engineering component. By simply rotate the ring with your fingers you can move the gears. So this must be the ultimate wearable fidget toy tor tech geek. it’s made from the high quality matte stainless steel. Check the gear ring here!

Finally, the list of four unique rings must be the best gift idea for your boyfriend, dad, and bothers.

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