Crawling Zombie Baby Prop | Animated Halloween Props

This spooky crawling zombie baby prop is perfect for your Halloween decoration and prank or parties. If you looking for animated Halloween props for your haunted Halloween house party, then this must be your perfect choice. This zombie baby prop will issue a horrible scream while it crawling. That will make everyone scare in trick-or-treating. The prop’s eyes are glowing and the animated actions are too realistic.

The prop made by the finest hardware, resin, and covered with a cloth. It comes in an army green color. The luminous eyes of the prop will glow when it crowing. The exact size of this life-size prop is 80 centimeters in length and 35 centimeters in width. It has a voice and touch sensor so you can control the prop with sound or by touching. This crowing zombie baby prop is battery operated. It needs three AA batteries to scare everyone.

All you have to do is just turn on the switch. Then the creepy zombie baby crawls towards you. It has a sensor on the eyebrows. If anyone comes or walks in front of the zombie baby, then his eyes where start lightning, make a creepy scream and start crawling. The anatomy and body movements are ultra-realistic. This creepy zombie baby will help you to scare everyone in your upcoming Halloween party.  Check it out!

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