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Nowadays Halloween just got a whole lot scarier. These holographic digital Halloween decorations will give you nightmares. AtmosFX creates realistic holographic Halloween decorations to surprise your friends. All you have to do is simply hang the special fabric in the window and use a projector to summon some monsters. It might scare your neighbors away. But it will give you the coolest haunted house on the block. Not only screen this device can also project onto walls and floors. These holograms bring ghosts to life in your home.

Digital Holographic Halloween Decorations:

They have different kinds of materials and their family friendly stuffs are liked by kids. But also they have some non family friendly stuffs where kids would definitely be scared. Their digital decorations can be projected on just about anything like a window, a wall, or on a blowup screen that makes it look 3D. The make the equipment and the visual effects. They also do not so creepy for Christmas.

They provide multiple display modes for their animations. The 3D effect prop display mode is one of their best. It design to be projected on to a physical prop. Similar to the talking bus scene in Disney’s haunted mansion it creates a truly three-dimensional illusion. This stunning illusion is sure to wow your neighbors, party guests, family and friends or even your archrival. They also provide hologram like illusions for doorways, hallways or even your yard.

They recommend a projector with at least 1800 lumens. That’s just a measure of brightness. Projecting on windows is a really convincing illusion. It’s fantastic for trick-or-treaters and it’s not bad for stoking the envy of your neighbors. Anyone passing by your home will think it’s a haunted or infested with zombies. They also provide projection material for your window. Also you can cut that AtmosFX projection material to fit any size window. Finally This stunning 3D illusion is sure to amaze trick-or-treaters and party guests. Check the Atmosfx on!

Watch the Digital Halloween Decorations is action down below:

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