Piqapoo Dog Poop Collector | Attach a Pooper Scooper on Dog’s Tail

This pooper scooper bag clips onto your dog’s tail. So you never have to pick up your dog’s poo again. Just clip dog poop collector on before the walk and wait until they are finished their business. Then unclip the bag and toss the waste. The soft silicone cushions give your dog comfort and they will barely notice it’s even there. It’s perfect for those not able to pick it up and it let the bag do all the work.

Attach a Pooper Scooper on Dog’s Tail:

Piqapoo was planned by dog parents with the dog’s prosperity as the best need. They put in three years refining its plan and looking for the best materials that are both durable and give greatest comfort to our pets. Piqapoo will forever change the way people walk their dogs. It’s simply to fix and strong enough to collect any texture of dog feces, Piqapoo makes the dog waste disposal most simpler and cleaner.

Easily collect dog’s poop:

The attachment clips are made from the soft silicone cushion with plastic frame for extreme comfort. The bags are made of thin plastic which is light yet durable enough to prevent leakage. It’s not bulky for the dog. And with an opaque nylon bag that conceals the faces from view. Piqapoo is so soft and creates almost no pressure, so you can leave it on for as long as your walk takes. And your dog can move and behave as usual.

Piqapoo doesn’t require training, although a few pooches may require a couple of attempts to adjust. Found that inside a couple of long periods of using Piqapoo. Most dogs get energized when they see their owner going after Piqapoo, telling them it’s an ideal opportunity to go out for a walk. Using Piqapoo will keep your hands – and the ground – 100% clean consistently. And Piqapoo works perfectly well with both male and female dogs.

This bags are around 80% littler than the normal crap sack. With the goal that the measure of wasted material is reduced to a minimum. Using Piqapoo additionally means droppings never contact the ground, along these lines minimizing health dangers and contamination caused by pooch fecal issue. Piqapoo was composed with top veterinarians to be comfortable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Check the Piqapoo on Amazon.com!

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