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Here is the first ever electric mobility car designed for wheelchair users. This wheelchair accessible EV is called the ‘Kenguru’ car. You can drive the car directly from the wheelchair which is securely connect with the car by an interlocking device. It’s uniquely designed for disabled people to drive around the streets and go for a shopping. And it has a maximum speed of 30 mph. This electric wheelchair car can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge.

Best Electric Mobility Car For Wheelchair Users:

Mobility Car For Wheelchair Users

Anyone can easily access this electric vehicle without getting out of their wheel chair. All you have to do is, simply wheel in using the automatic lowering ramp. And also securely attach the wheelchair into the car with the help of interlocking device. Once your wheelchair is securely, the back door of the car automatically shuts to start the ride.


Because of it’s lowest weight, the Kenguru electric hatchback is classified as a scooter. So instead of getting car licence, you can drive the EV with a scooter licence.  You can’t start the car without placing the wheelchair in a correct locking position and closing the door completely. Also the remote control system allows you to open the rear door with the push of a button.

Electric Mobility Car For Wheelchair Users

And also it’s motorbike style handlebar provides maximum control and allows you to easily steer the wheel to change the direction. This unique vehicle provides complete freedom for elderly people and people with limited mobility in our family. Finally, no-more climbing out of your manual wheelchair and getting into a modified electric vehicle. Check the Kenguru car here!

Electric Mobility Car

Watch the Electric elderly Car in action down below:

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