Extreme Floating Picnic Table for Lake, Pool or a Beach

Now you can maximize your fun on this summer picnic to the pool, lake, or beach. This creative floating picnic table was created by ‘Rhino Building Products’. It pool table comfortable seats four people. The flat table top allows you to place your drinks, food, snacks or play games while you floating on the pool. This unique summer table comes with four builtin cup holders and a hook for attach your cooler.

Floating Picnic Table for Lake:

This table has comfortable room for five adults and can holds up to 600 lbs of weight. The table was made from the durable, strong and light weight foam-like material. Unfortunately it’s not foldable. But it weights just 65 lbs when dry, So you can easily carry this floating table to your picnic spot by throw it into your SUV. You can also attach a floating cooler on this table’s hook for a endless drinks while enjoying.

It has massive amount of space on the edges. So more then six kids can enjoy the summer picnic. Those floating picnic table comes in blue color and it measures 8 feet in length, 5 feet in width, 1.6 feet in height. If you want to play card games or board games while relaxing on the pool, then this floating table will be the perfect choice for you. And it’s not towable, So you can use this table for relaxing and playing on this summer. Check the table here!

Watch the Floating Table in action down below:

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