Remote Controlled Flying Witch | Spooky Halloween Animatronics

This flying witch Halloween animatronics will chills down everyone’s spine during the upcoming Halloween party. These flying witches are made form the 3d cardboard cuttings. The innovative design and engineering works are done by Otto Dieffenbach. And Hoosier cutout service who create the cutout structure for this remote controlled flying witch. They are specialized in 2D and 3D CAD and CNC cutting. These cardboard cutouts will make an optical illusion of a real witch flying with her magical broom.

Remote Controlled Flying Witch:

Not only flying witch, Otto Dieffenbach create dozens of iconic pop culture gliding gizmos. So the witch figure is mounted into the special lightweight and very steady foam board. But making the figure fly is really more science then witchcraft. Many flat surfaces in the body are serving as flying surfaces like a wing. The electric motor is used here to give power. That motor generates about half horse power worth of energy.

It also comes with three- bladed prop that generates thrust to propel her forward. An electromechanical device have fixed in the backside of the witch. That helps to convert the electrical signals from the transmitter and pass through the receiver. The inner skeleton made out of plywood to give strong structure. Also the witch’s broom has a magical and practical function serving as a rudder. Finally this witch is ready to fly into your Halloween party.

This flying witch needs good building skills and proper kit to construct. It requires a lot of assembly works and good flying skills to operate. And also it requires a radio control equipment additionally. You can also read another article about coolest Halloween props here!

Watch the RC Witch in action down below:


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