Guardian XO: Robotic exoskeleton suit for lifting heavy objects

Nowadays every employee is working from their home and industries look to automate their production process. Instead of replacing humans, the ‘Guardian XO’ from Sarcos Robotics combines human intelligence with robotic strength to increase productivity.

However, Guardian XO is a battery-powered full-body exoskeleton that increases the strength of the wearer without affecting mobility. In other words, this robotic suit will safely amplify the operator’s strength up to 200 lbs.

“This new funding will allow us to achieve our next goal of scaling production and shipping commercial units of the Guardian XO exoskeleton”

-Ben Wolff, Sarcos chairman and CEO

How much can you lift with an exoskeleton?

This robotic exoskeleton system must be a game-changer for many leading industries such as construction, military, automotive, oil, aerospace, maritime, manufacturing, and more. Sarcos Robotics is a Salt lake city, Utah-based company known for its robots that augment humans to enhance productivity and safety.

Sarcos Robotics

To revolutionize the future of work, they have spent almost 25 years of research and developed robotic systems, including the Guardian S, Guardian GT, and Guardian XO. With the help of a swappable battery, the robot suit can work for almost eight hours on a single charge.

Sarcos Robotics

Moreover, this exo suit features an Operator Control Interface (OCI). So the operator can easily handle the heavy load while reducing the risk of injury. According to its website, the company has raised a total of $96.1 million with the new funding. As a result, they have planned to bring the exoskeleton robot suite to the market in 2021.

Sarcos Robotics
Sarcos Robotics

Source: Sarcos Robotics

Watch the Guardian XO exoskeleton suit in action

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