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Make the upcoming Halloween special for your pets with this funny dog Halloween costumes.  This costume turns your pet into a walking teddy bear. It’s called the ‘Pandaloon’. Creator of this costume Eugenia Chen posted a video of her dog in this homemade panda costume. And it went viral!. It’s success inspired her to create other versions like lion, polar bear, and a unicorn. The plush fabric keeps your pup comfy while reinforced feet prevent wear and tear.

puppy halloween costumes

This high quality costume will grab everyone’s attention towards your dog on the town. Even more you can adjust the costume for the perfect fit. And they are available in two different sizes. The first size variant is perfectly fit for the pups with a 13-14.5 inch stature and 10-16 inch circumference. Another one is for dogs with 15-17 inch and 12-17 inch. The head portion of this costume can be adjusted for the clear vision for your pet.

cute ideas for pet costumes

They also create large edition for bigger dogs. This must be the most adorable panda costume for dogs and even cats. Also you have to measure your pet from paw to top for the perfect size. Do you love to dress-up your dog? Then turn your puppy into a live teddy bear!. Finally your pets going to enjoy this Halloween lot more then you. Check this on

Watch the Funny Dog Halloween Costumes in action:

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