Gardena: A rolling leaf sweeper collects large amounts of dry leaves at once


The Spring season is always awesome. If you are a gardening lover then you have to collect tons of leaves that cover your lawn or garden. This rolling leaf sweeper called ‘Gardena’ will helps you to complete the backbreaking job in a matter of seconds. However, the lawn mowing style design is meant to allow the user to collect the leaves without bending.

As a result, even the elderly can easily rake their yard or laws with this tool. The unique design of this tool collects large amounts of dry leaves, foliage, grass clippings and even scarifying materials. Moreover, the mechanism behind the Gardena leaf sweeper doesn’t have any engine.

Consequently, it is both environmentally and financially friendly. There is a rotating brush that seamlessly collects leaves and grass clippings when you move. Also, you can adjust the height of the brushes depending on the ground surface condition to get maximum results.


All you have to do is, simply grab the ergonomic handle and push the Gardena leaf and lawn collecter over your garden surface which is fully covered with leaves and foliage. The sophisticated system of brushes which is driven by the wheels collects the leaves automatically.


As I mentioned earlier, this gardening tool doesn’t use any electronic parts such as a motor. So you don’t need any ear plugs to protect your hearing system from loud noise.


Once the basket is filled with leaves simply detach the basket and detach it for emptying and then start collecting again. And finally, when not in use, the leaf sweeper takes up very little space in your storage area. If you enjoy raking leaves as much as every gardening lover does, then get the Gardena on Amazon!

Source: Gardena

Watch the Gardena leaf collector in action

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