The ‘Giga’ Self-Inflating Tent pumps up itself in 3 minutes

Thanks to the people who re-invented the self-inflating air tent, camping just got a whole lot more enjoyable. The Giga outdoor tent inflates itself within 3 minutes with the push of a button. However, its built-in lightweight electrical air pump inflates the air beams with 30kPa high pressure.

The air beans itself made up of TPU material which is extremely sturdy and flexible. Once the GIGA Tent got its structure, the air pump automatically stops the inflating. Moreover, the electric air pump can inflate almost 30 times with 50,000RPM, and 20L per/min airflow rate once fully charged.

It was invented by a San Jose, CA-based firm called AEROGOGO. They mainly focus on automatic inflation technology and products. The Giga self-inflating tent also features 4 air beams, a set of ground pegs, and wind ropes to increase the stability of the tent.

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From inside, the tent offers 51 Sq.ft (4.8㎡) of usable space which is comfortable enough for two adults with a kid. Also, there is a hook on top to hang the camp light. If it rains while you camping simply cover the tent with given small inner tent that also blocks strong UV rays.

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Furthermore, their electric air pump has an IPX5 high water resistance rating to withstand any harsh weather. Also, they have introduced their self-inflating single and double air mattress along with the Giga tent. To make transportation simple, the tent can be deflated and fit into the everyday carry style bag that measures 50 x 20 x 20 cm.

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Currently, the Giga self-inflating Tent is raising funds on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$229 will get you one if they reach production, the planned retail price for the tent is US$399.

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the Giga Self-Inflating Tent in action

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