This Single Device Compensates 6 Different Accessories That Need For Dog Walking

Taking an untrained dog is a challenging task for every dog owner. GoGoLeash is a multifunctional dog leash that features built-in LED light, water tank, waste bag storage, drinking bowl, LED dog collar with the vibrating system, and a small speaker. Finally, it also features a car seat belt buckle for a safe and smooth ride.

Further, it’s easy to hold handle can able to deal with almost 220 pounds of weight. As a result, you can walk with 5 small dogs at the same time. The front side of this leash handle occupied by a removable water tank with a capacity of 150ml. However, the universal waste bags holder is completely refillable and holds up to 15 bags.

No Need To Carry Multiple Dog Accessories For a Simple Walk!

So, if you want to take your dog for a walk at night, then the LED lights in both leash holder and collar help you to keep an eye on your good boy or girl. Moreover, the collar with a vibrating actuator and a small speaker allows you to train your dog in two different methods. That is to say, you can teach your dog how to respond to the sound and how to respond to the vibration.

If you have multiple dogs, then you can train all of them with the single leach handle by switching the channel. It will send the vibration or sound signals individually to each dog. In addition, the training system is completely wireless and has a range of 650 feet. So you can control or signal the dogs even they are off-leashed. The GoGoLeash dog leash is IP65 waterproof and ideal for rainy weather.

The 1000mAh battery on a handle will last up to 95 days with a single charge. Likewise, the battery on the collar has 15 days of standby time. However, the GoGoLeash comes with an adjustable leash measures 1.3 to 1.5 meters, a seatbelt buckle, and a USB charging cable. If you like GoGoLeash, then you can get it for the pledge of $49 USD on!

Watch the GoGoLeash dog leash in action

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