GoSun’s Camp365: Solar-powered pop up camper trailer on wheels

The GoSun is known for its solar-powered camping accessories and camping essentials. But it’s time to completely go off-the-grid with their solar-powered ecosystem for portable RV camping. However, the Camp365 is a unique camper trailer on wheels that pops up within 10 minutes.

Once it is set up, this solar camper has a lot of usable space. That is to say, it can hold your family of six adults. Also, its 30 cubic feet dry storage area can keep your belongings safe and out of sight. Moreover, this off-grid cabin on wheels packs with Gosun’s solar power appliances and gears to provide complete freedom.

As a result, you can camp anywhere that other traditional campers and RVs can’t. Its aerodynamic design uses high-grade aluminum frames. So it weighs 1,800 lbs and makes minimum drag while transport. The terrain leveling system of the Gosun Camp365 allows you to park and open the camper even on rough surfaces such as sand, mud, dirt, and snow.

Yes, you can run an RV on solar power!

GoSun Camp 365

Once the Camp365 opens it measures 11’8″ in width while offering a 7’6″ headroom inside. Also, your family will have 700 cubic feet of usable room. However, the interior of the pop-up camper is protected by the marine-grade fabric that withstands almost any weather conditions.

GoSun Camp 365

As I said earlier, Camp365 is stuffed with Gosun’s solar-powered off-grid appliances, Which include, GoSun chill a solar-powered refrigerator, and GoSun fusion a solar-powered electric oven for the kitchen.

GoSun Camp 365

Also, the camper features, a cassette toilet, 24-gallon fresh water storage, folding beds, 1,500W electric heater, GoSun Power1100 power bank, and more. Further, GoSun has launched their new off-grid solar trailer in 2022 with limited units and it costs $33,750

Source: GoSun

Watch the Gosun’s Camp635 in action

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