Realistic Halloween Headbands For Pets | Saw, Axe, Knife Headband

This extremely realistic Halloween headbands must be the perfect addition for your Halloween accessory this year. The saw, axe, knife through the head head wear is specially designed for your pet dogs. It is created by the Texas based company called ‘Fit Frenchie’. They sell this unique head bands on their Etsy store. Not only head bands, they also create unique dog costumes, matching pet owner clothing and more.

Realistic Halloween Headbands For Pet Dogs:

And the company was inspired by their ‘French Bulldog’. So everything they have created will perfectly match for bulldog. And also the headband was completely adjustable to fit any kid of dog breeds and sizes. This unique handmade product uses the plastic material and can be last longer. So you can reuse the prop multiple times on every Halloween party until your furry friend bite it.

This extremely simple and eye-catching Halloween costume takes only 3 seconds to wear. Not only for dogs, this headband perfectly suits for your kids, cat, and grown humans. And it also perfect for the dog, which hates to wear full Halloween costume. This funny and cool looking prop will make your pet unique enough to grab everyone’s attention on Halloween eve. If you are looking for something funny for Halloween, this funny headband will fulfill your dream.

The head bands are available in different styles and patterns. You have to choose your favorite pattern which is perfectly match your dog. The patterns are comes in different sizes and shapes such as axe, saw, needle, scissor and short knife. Unlike other uncomfortable Halloween costumes for dogs, this adorable prop fits over your dog’s head. So he can move around the streets comfortably. Check the Saw Through The Head Headband for dogs on!

Watch the Realistic Halloween Head wears in action down below:

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