Best Hammock With Mosquito Net Tent For Camping

Now you can enjoy your camping trip without worrying about the nasty mosquitoes. This hammock with mosquito net tent is called the ‘Mosquito Thwarting Hammock’. It’s particularly designed for single person with a single swinging hammock. The mosquito net hammock comes with a stand. So you can setup tent hammock without trees or anything to hold it up. And no more searching for a prefect couple of trees within 6 feet distance.

Hammock With Mosquito Net Tent:

The rigid powder coated steel tubing of this hammock can holds up to 225 lbs of weight on it. The zippers on the both sides provides easy exit and entrance. The roof of this hammock tens made from the polyester material. So it prevents you from the hot sun by providing a shade and also keeps you dry while it’s rain outside. These hammocks are available in multiple different colors to choose from.

The extremely swinging hammock measures measures 31.5 inches in wide and  72 inches in length. And the hole tent setup measures 78.75 inches in length,  54 inches wide, and 81 inches in height. This easy to carry tent hammock weights 98 lbs. Finally, this uniquely designed hammock tent protects you from mosquitoes, sun light, rain and any king of bugs while you relax. Check the mosquito net hammock tent on!

Watch the Hammock With Mosquito Net Tent in action down below:

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