Handso | A Bar Soap Container With Silicone Bristles

There are a variety of beautiful soap dispensers available, but what about your favorite bar soap? Because of their slippery and non-ergonomic characteristics, solid soap can be pretty annoying. On the other hand, it reduces the environmental impact when compared to the liquid soap that comes in a plastic bottle.

‘Handso’ is a new invention that allows you to instantly get the perfect amount of soft lather onto its soft silicone bristles for cleaning and scrubbing. However, this bar soap container with silicone bristles will adopt any of your favorite bar soap to create lather. As a result, the shower experience with solid soap is more enjoyable than ever before.

All you have to do is, simply open the Handso and place the soap. Then open the 85ml refill cap and fill it with water. That’s it, once you start massaging, the soft lather comes through the silicone bristles to clean your body. Furthermore, the soap is stored safely within the container. As a result, no direct contact with your skin or with the bacteria-filled environment is possible.

It is also totally leak-proof, making it excellent for travel. So, you can take it with you for camping, road trip or even to the gym. It measures 8cm in diameter and just occupies the space of the 100ml bottle in your backpack. However, the Handso is made out of recycled plastic and the bristles use medical silicone.

This creative device was invented by an Italy-based team of make-up artists and eco designers. They have claimed that the Handso can last more than 10 years. Currently, the Handso bar soap container is raising funds on Kickstarter. An early bird pledge of US$ 31 will get you one.

Source: Kickstarter, Handso

Watch the Handso Bar Soap Container in action

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